Company Profile

    As a manufacturer in the rubber industry for more than 30 years, we are very familiar with the manufacturing procedures and necessary steps to be taken. Our team has researched and developed MY GARDEN series in the past 3 years, our motto is “Turn your wall into a Garden.” We believe the best way to decorate your wall with plants is not through drilling, but they rooting plant cuttings in the water or succulents or any plants you like, we reserve the oneness of your space. More over, MY GARDEN series do not take up lots of your space.  In addition, our design is so considerate that even the water in the container or in the vase, them both can be refilled effortlessly. Our team strives to provide you with the best tools for you to innovate and decorate your space in a unique way.

    There are three categories in MY GARDEN series, the “PIP Stick”, the “PIP Stand” and the “Aquaponics Stand”. “PIP Stick” is for the indoor hanging plant holders, you may stick the adhesive mount with wall mounted plant pot holders almost anywhere as long as the surface is reasonably smooth. No more nails, no more drillings and no more unremovable adhesives. The glued adhesive mount is waterproof, reusable and easy to clean. “PIP Stand” is for both indoor and outdoor, decorate with these beautiful containers with your plants wherever you want. “Aquaponics Stand” is for water plants and fish lover, your vivid decoration for both indoor and outdoor.


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