Adjustable Multi-Succulent Mini Pot Holder- Tall

Product Number: DY603
Product Dimension: OD 12.6” x H 19.7”

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Colors: Grey+ Black plate+ White pedestal plant stand

Ideal Placement:

The entrance, office desk, dining table, corner plant shelf, indoor plant…any greening atmosphere you want to create. 


Product Features:

1.Designed for 360-Degree rotation, depending on your personal taste.

2.Frequently rotation for the plants to get sunshine equally.

3.Wooden stick is provided for you to write a message then clip the written message for your loved ones.
Product Number: DY603
Product Name: Adjustable Multi-Succulent Mini Pot Holder- Tall
Colors: grey+ black plate+ white pedestal plant stand
Packing: 10 pcs / box
Carton: 1.82” * 1.43” * 2.06” (inch)