Aquaponics Bowl Stand-Tall

Product Number: DY601
Product Dimension: OD 16.1” x H 15.35”

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Colors: Grey flower pot holder + Black plant pedestal + stainless tube

Product Features:

1.Streamlined contour design.

2.Multi-purpose utilization on either hydroponic plants or native potted plants, depends on your creation.

3.The stainless pillar holds the entire structure steadily and safely.

4.Disassembled design without taking much space is convenient for storage.

P.S. Algae-eaters are a great addition in a freshwater tank to help control and reduce unsightly and potentially damaging algae prorogation.

Product Number: DY601
Product Name: Aquaponics Bowl Stand-Tall
Colors: grey flower pot holder + black plant pedestal+stainless tube
Packing: 8 pcs / box