Reusable Adhesive Mount Mini Pot Holder- One-inch pot

Product Number: DY521
Product Dimension: ID: 1.38” / H :1.1”
Miniature Flower Pots

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Colors:White / Black

Leave No Adhesive Stain



Miniature plant pots


1. Clean the surface where you are going to place the adhesive mount.

2. Peel the backing off of the adhesive mount.

3. Stick the adhesive mount to the wall, with the concave side facing up. Then squeeze the air bubble out of the adhesive mount.

4. Place the plastic flower pots onto the mount.

5. Place the plant onto the pot.

Product Number: DY521
Product Name:One-inch pot
Colors: White / Black
Packing: 36 pcs / box
Carton: 1.31” * 0.755” * 0.88” (inch)