MY GARDEN offers a series of pop-in-pop(PIP) hanging plant pot holders, plant pot containers and plant pot stand, provided with PU-glued adhesive mount that can be stuck to smooth surfaces repeatedly. You may have lots of choices to stick those adhesive mounts with plant-ready pot holders and containers around the indoor area to have a green, secure and comfortable therapeutic atmosphere, therapeutic plants.

   There are three categories in MY GARDEN series, the “PIP Stick”, the “PIP Stand” and the “Aquaponics Stand”.

“PIP Stick” is for the indoor hanging plant holder, you may stick the adhesive mount with wall mounted plant pot holders almost anywhere as long as the surface is reasonably smooth. No more nails, no more drillings and no more unremovable adhesives. The glued adhesive mount is waterproof, reusable and easy to clean.

“PIP Stand” is for both indoor and outdoor, decorate with these beautiful containers with your plants wherever you want.

“Aquaponics Stand” is for water plants and fish lover, your vivid decoration for both indoor and outdoor. 

Therapeutic Plants