Reusable Adhesive Mount Mini Pot Holder- Round Bottle With Hook

Product Number: DY526
Product Dimension: ID 0.79” * OD 2.44” / H 4.65”

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Colors: Grey / Orange / Golden

Leave No Adhesive Stain



Small hanging planters

Product Features:

1.Automatic water-absorbing design for your plant.

2.Automatic water-absorbing design is optional for bigger plants.

3.Easy to drain and refill water.

4.There are two ways to arrange the plant, depending on the size of it.


1. Clean the surface where you are going to place the adhesive mount.

2. Peel the backing off of the adhesive mount.

3. Stick the adhesive mount to the wall, with the concave side facing up. Then squeeze the air bubble out of the adhesive mount.

4. Hook the plant-ready bottle with the string.

Product Number: DY526
Product Name: Round Bottle With Hook
Colors: grey / orange / golden
Packing: 36 pcs / box
Carton: 1.85” * 0.814” * 1.3” (inch)